" I came to Nina on recommendation, though I was quite skeptical and am not much of a believer in alternative therapies, but I needed to do something.

After having had a bad accident I had become very despondent and apathetic about life and was struggling to believe I would get better or at least find a way through this.

Nina was incredibly easy to talk to, and immediately put me at ease. Within a week or so, my heavy dark feelings began to lift and I found myself excited again by the prospect of getting back to my life!

I don’t really understand how flowers could have affected me, but something has worked! “


Jane, documentary maker, 55


“Having felt sceptical in the past about Bach remedies, I met Nina and listened to her extolling the virtues of the flower remedies and decided to give it a try. She knew a lot about them and I felt confident in her ability to help me.

I had grown rather anxious over the years, rather nervous and felt that I couldn't cope with life very well. Nina, who is very personable, very intuitive and sensitive to people's problems, prepared a bottle of remedies for me and I after just a few days of taking the drops I felt so much calmer and much more able to cope. My husband commented on it almost immediately. I am very pleased with the results and will continue to use the remedies, as and when needed. Nina is also very good at following up the treatment, adjusting them accordingly to what is going on in one's life”


K Rhode, 68


I have been working with Nina for the past couple of years, on and off, for ongoing help and support for complex ptsd. Both Nina's help and that of the remedies have really kept me afloat during this process of working through my trauma. Nina is very patient, caring and supportive, I don't know what I would have done without her and the support of the remedies. I cannot recommend her enough!

Jackie S



My son was having real difficulties with bullying at school and not sleeping well becasue he was stressed. He has had a few sessions with Nina and I am now happy to say he sleeps welll again and has found a way to deal with his anxiety and fear around the bullying.

Nina created a very safe & welcoming space for Seb to feel at ease to talk about issues, that for a young boy were really difficult. I feel very grateful for her help and care.


Louise M, 48


I came to Nina during a really difficult period in my life. I was struggling with chronic depression and anxiety, but I didn't want to take anti depressants and was sure there must be some other way to feel better. Nina and the remedies have been an absolute godsend!

I found often before and during the sessions, I would feel very muddled and confused. By the end of the session, I would walk away with a much lighter feeling and sense of hope. Nina is really easy to talk to, is very empathic and has a solid and intuitive understanding of what goes on for people and how to find ways forward. 

I am so much happier and feel much more in control of my emotions. I now go and see Nina if I feel I need a top up, which is fortunately is occassionally.

Feeling that Nina genuinely cared, made a big difference to me getting well and helped me to feel a little bit less alone in the world.


L Jackson, 42


" I had actually tried Bach flower remedies years before meeting Nina on recommendation from my mother. I looked through a book and tried to diagnose myself. It felt very confusing Iand difficult to know what really were the issues and I gave up on flower remedies altogether.

Years later, I wanted to embark on a big project – a lifelong dream of mine: to write my first book. What I didn’t have was the energy to get started. I had no idea that there were so many nerves and fears around this project and that Bach flowers could help me let go of them. When I met Nina and explained what I wanted to do, I just knew I was working with the right healer to help me clear blockages and concrete steps forward. 


During our session, we talked about so many things that I didn’t even realise were impacting me. Physically, I was also very exhausted.

Nina’s presence as a healer is so comforting –  she is able to create a very healing space in which I felt safe to be myself and explain my situation. She intuitively worked out what areas needed a boost and prescribed flower remedies to help improve my energy – both physically and emotionally. I took them as prescribed daily. And I credit the commencement and completion of my first book to the sessions with Nina and the flower remedies she prescribed. I now feel like a renewed person and my energy levels feel back to normal.

Now, I fully realise the magic isn’t just in those bottles, as I had tried them once before on my own. I now understand that a big part of the healing comes from the trained professional who guides you through the process. I want to take this opportunity to thank Nina for helping me complete a lifelong dream and I strongly recommend her to all those who are curious about the healing effects of flower remedies."


S Singh, London

Writer, 35




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