An initial consutation lasts between 1-1.5 hours, where the client will be given the opportunity to talk at length about their issues. It is this communication between client and practitioner which is very much a part of the healing process.

A bespoke set of remedies  will then be determined, which are to be taken orally 4 times per day for about 3 -4 weeks. A shorter follow up session can then be arranged to review the remedies and a new bottle can be given, according to the progress made.


  • Taking remedies can be likened to the analogy of peeling an onion.
  • They work by peeling away at our surface emotions or outer layers of the psyche, so to speak, making space for new layers to emerge and clear, wherein healing and wellbeing can then take effect.
  • A bottle of remedies will last about 3 /4weeks, and very often one feels the efffects of them within a few days, particuraly if it is for an acute condition.
  • Issues that are built up over years, take more time, and shifts are more gradual.
  • As new sets of emotions come up, new remedies are administered accordingly.
  • Occassionally an additional cream as well as the oral tincture may be prescribed, which is applied directly to the skin or drops are given to be added in a bath.
  • Bach flower remedies are completely natural and do not interfere with other forms of medication.

The process of taking Bach flower remedies can be hugely transformative, not only on an emotional level, by clearing blocks and re-setting old learnt behavioural patterns, but also on a physical and spiritual level, restoring our inner core back into balance, making us more centred, happy and posititve.







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